Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten years of Dykes Do Drag!

The amazing Minnesota group Dykes Do Drag is celebrating 10 years of fabulous gender-bending performance art. As a former troupe member (Mik Danger of the TransFormers) who really got his feet wet at the Dykes Do Drag arena, this ten year show is hugely important to me. I wish I could fly out just to see this triumph! I've written before about the importance of drag in my development, and I can't emphasize that enough. Dykes Do Drag practiced an amazing form of drag that I refer to as post-drag drag. It has gone beyond the hyperbole of feminization or masculinization to address real issues of class, race, accessibility, and queerness in all of our communities. In short, being a transmale drag performer was seen as the same kind of ever day experience as the cissexual drag performers or the folks who came in without pronouns or gender identities. It was a really safe space for exploring our genders in US society.

But more than that, it was also a fabulously creative space for putting our explorations into amazing performances. Which weren't all serious. In fact, they rarely ever were. Everything from marionettes to powerpoints were used to play with our perceptions of art and identity in a freeing way that inevitably left us laughing.

I can safely say that my consistent character of a punk gay man allowed me to play with the hyper-masculine qualities I was told over and over again i should possess. By playing with them on stage, and using them to manipulate audience laughs and reactions, I was able to safely put my hyper-masculine longings to rest and settle into my own genderqueer transboi identity.

So I really urge folks to make the trip. It's amazing and fabulous. And they've been around for ten years. That's ten years of consistently progressive commentary and consistently hilarious performances!

The show will be

Thursday Feb 19th @ 10pm
Friday Feb 20th @ 10pm
Saturday Feb 21st @ 7pm and 10pm

Tickets always sell out early so please order in advance by calling the Bryant Lake Bowl Box Office 612-825-8949 or going online at

Due to the amazing historical impact of the show (and yes I DO mean that in all seriousness) tickets are a bit steep. But oh-so-worth it!
$14 in advance/$18 at the door
241 tickets with student id on Thursday
$20 VIP tickets will be available through BLB box office (will include the best seats in the house, snacks upon arrival, a free BLB or DDD t-shirt, and possible seat decoration)

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