Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Memory: Duanna Johnson

[Image Description: a color photo of Duanna. We see her from the shoulders up, she is resting her head on her hand, making direct eye contact with the viewer. She is wearing a bright red shirt with matching red nail polish. She has shoulder-length black hair.]
As many of you already know, Duanna Johnson was found murdered earlier this week. Duanna was a beautiful Black transwoman living in Memphis, Tenn. She had the courage to speak about a brutal beating by local police that occurred earlier this year. She was beaten by two cops who assailed her anti-transgender and anti-gay slurs, clearly linking her beating with her transgender identity. Duanna made national headlines for her refusal to believe that she deserved to be treated in that manner because of her transgender identity.

Monica, over at Transgriot, has more on her murder. Apparently, her lawyer will continue with the lawsuit against the Memphis police Department. I hope that the lawsuit overhauls the way the MPD treats transgender people, and commemorates Duanna's bravery in speaking out.

This has been an incredibly brutal year for transgender people, and Duanna's death is overwhelming.


Kay Olson said...

I love that photo, and it breaks my heart. It has been a brutal year for transgender people.

Mik, have you seen the recent American Prospect article on "Trans in the Red States?" It had some optimism I was glad to see amidst the brutality.

Mik Danger said...

I did see that article, and quite frankly that optimism has gotten me through this week!

Yes, this photo is gorgeous. I love the way she is staring right at the viewer.