Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exciting Updates!

I have three super-exciting updates that are mostly centered around me, but I thought perhaps other people would find them interesting. The least self-centered is that the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a collective legal agency in NYC that focuses on transgender, intersex, and gender non conforming people of color and low income people, is updating their website!! The reason this relates to me is because as a weekly volunteer with SRLP I've been editing and uploading a lot of their content and I've gotten a good preview of the site to come. WOW. It's going to be amazing. All of their resources will be available to download, a huuuuge list of updated community contacts both in the New York area and nationally, and simply a more accessible site are all aspects to look forward to. This new site should be uploaded in the next couple of weeks!!

Going in increasing order of me-centeredness, I was mentioned on the August edition of the BBC Ouch! podcast. I always listen to Ouch! and thoroughly enjoy their sharp and witty attack on disability political-correctedness while being absolutely brilliant. In past podcasts they've discussed the racism and colonialism implicit in discussing national disability news stories, and the hierarchy of oppression present in rating a person's "able-ness". Now, all they really did was read out my name because I filled out a form on how much I loved the show. However they also read part of the form where I mentioned that I am transgender and diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, which technically means that I have a mental disability. As the hosts read out other folks's forms and made their usual biting remarks around them, my form provoked an interesting debate on mental disability which I greatly enjoyed. Later in the show there was a much-needed discussion about whether or not it's OK to ask your Personal Assistant to aid with masturbation, which folks can weigh in on at their message boards. That discussion was unrelated to me, it case you were wondering.

Finally, and most excitingly, I am now on MySpace!!! This is entirley due to my loving and wonderful partner who created my site, uploaded my photos, and generally pushed me towards networking more effectivley. Anyway, the site is gorgeous and I hope you all enoy it!

OK, that's enough about me, I promise that my next update will focus on something much le narcisistic.

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Terrell said...

Hello Mik,

Long time reader here! First time commenter. You have a remarkable blog. I'm always fascinated by your grasp on a myriad of topics ranging from the political economy of mediated representations of trans identities to the invisible hegemonic power of white male privilege. Your posts are always informed and not simply sweeping statements with no substance, which I find to be the downfall of many bloggers when addressing these issues. Your knowledge of disability issues is also refreshing. I think you would also like the blog Media Dis&Dat, which also deals with some of the topics you discuss on your blog. It's one of the few blogs that I have to visit everyday when I'm not reading your insightful posts. By the way, kudos on the mention on the BBC Ouch! podcast. I was listening to it one day last week and I wondered if they were talking about the same Mik. And I visited your blog the following day and sure enough they were. What a coincidence! You're really making a name for yourself. Reading your blog is always a consciousness-raising experience for me. Keep up the phenomenal work.

Love & Revolution,