Monday, August 25, 2008

Call for Papers: IFGE Conference

I saw this call for papers over at Monica's TransGriot blog and thought maybe some readers here would be interested in contributing. The IFGE also publishes "Transgender Tapestry" which is an interesting magazine on many levels. I know these last posts haven't been as interesting as usual, but don't give up on me yet! I have plans for a post concerning interracial relationships (the one I promised y'all way back in June), a post about genderbending on the beach, a post concerning femme identity and the 2008 Femme Confernece, and another about the uses of anger all in the works. Hopefully they'll be up soon although I haven't had as much time as usual to sit and write.

2009 IFGE Conference Call for Presenters

The International Foundation for Gender Education is requesting presentation and workshop proposals for its upcoming 2009 IFGE Conference. The event will be held February 4-7, 2009 at the Alexandria Hilton at Mark Center, in Alexandria VA, and is being hosted by the Transgender Education Association (TGEA) of Washington DC, in coalition with other groups in the mid Atlantic region. The theme for this year's gathering is: "Working Together for Change."

This year are giving priority to presentations on the following themes:

* Issues impacting Transgender Youth, and Children of Trans Parents
* Issues impacting Transgender Elders
* Issues and concerns of FTMs (We are reserving a full track for FTMs)
* Issues and concerns of Crossdressers
* Transgender Health, Medicine and Legal Concerns
* TGs in Relationships - for Significant Others, Couples & Individuals with or without partners
* Changing the perception of Transgender People through Education.
* Creating unity in the Transgender Community

New ideas, new topics and new faces are also of strong interest. We will be holding special panel discussions for the benefit of students, researchers and educators to learn more about the trans community. Presenters and panel moderators will receive a $100 discount on any conference registration package. Registration information is available online at (Student registrations rates will be available.)

If you are interested in presenting, please submit your proposal as soon as possible to insure space and schedule availability, but no later than September 30, 2008. Use the online Program Proposal Form on our web site or fill out the attached form and mail it to us.

Your proposal must include a short biography and any A/V needs. If it is for a panel, the moderator should submit the proposal and list the names and pertinent information (as to addresses, etc.), and provide bios for the other panel members. If this panel information is omitted from this initial proposal it may not be included in the program book.

If you have additional questions regarding your proposal, please contact Alison Laing by email at, or by writing:

IFGE Programs
P.O. Box 540229
Waltham MA 02454-0229

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