Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brief updates: Call for Papers and a Thank You!

I want to open this post by apologizing for not being very present on my blog for June or July. In June there were so many events related to Pride Month that I was more busy than I thought I would be, and I’ve been feeling very sick recently so my writing has been pretty cloudy and I haven’t wanted to post anything that was not clear in its purpose. So I apologize, but I hope to be posting more as soon as I get over these persistent allergies and colds.

I also want to thank and welcome any readers who came to my blog via the Disabilities Network of New York’s July newsletter. I got a beautiful shout-out on page 7 of their most recent newsletter. I hope you all find this blog interesting and amusing, and please feel free to post comments and e-mail me! I always want to know more about any of the issues I’m blogging about, and I want to hear conflicting opinions. Also I’m always willing to learn how to make my writing and blog more accessible. Thank you again to the Disabilities Network of New York for the spotlight!

Finally, in lieu of an actual update I just saw this call for submissions and thought folks might be interested! The Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies will be publishing two special issues, one on Blindness and Literature and another on Disabling Postcolonialism. The link to their call for submissions is here, and proposals for Blindness and Literature are due by October 1st to guest editor Georgina Kleege, gkleege at Berkeley.edu. Proposals for Disabling Postcolonialism are due before December 1st to guest editors Clare Barker and Stuart Murray at c.f.barker at leeds.ac.uk and S.F.Murray at leeds.ac.uk. Both special issues are also accepting book reviews that can be e-mailed to the Book Review Editor, Clare Barker, whose e-mail is above.

Good luck to all those who submit, it looks wonderful!

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