Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calls for Submissions!

More calls for submissions!

First, from one of my new favorite presses that has published my favorite authors including Eli Clare, Tim’m T. West, and my friend, Sass Lowrey. Homofactus Press has a beautiful commitment to the importance of voices from the margins, and they have released this call for people of color born female who identify with some aspect (or the whole kit and caboodle) of male identity. They are looking for all kinds of submissions and there is an ongoing deadline!

Secondly, a call for submissions from Minneapolis-based Revolting Queers for a zine to be published in June. It’s free so I assume it’s unpaid but another great opportunity to get your work, name, and feelings into the world! E-mail your submissions by June 14th to: revolting.queers at gmail.com . I received this through e-mail so there’s no link:

The Revolting Queers will be creating a queer zine focusing on the lives of queer people, how day to day activities are political, and the violence of assimilation.

We are looking for various submissions ranging from art to personal narratives to short essays focusing on a variety of topics. We need to receive all submission by June 14th so that we can distribute them at pride.

We have a great smart group of people that have a lot to say about different issues, and this is great way of getting queers to start thinking about things, and make different voices heard and to make queer theory more accessible by grounding it in lived experiences.
With a wide variety of topics each person can pick whatever they are most interested in and submissions can be short and won't take much time for everyone to write.

The first three issues will be:

Urban Sustainability: exploring the different ways in which an urban environment can be be constructed to combat the oppressive forces of the new economy. Submissions can include urban gardening, vegan cooking, agricultural systems, bike culture, issues of public space and gentrification, social justice and community work.

Public Sex and Sexual Culture:
Submissions can range from cruising, internet culture, bar culture, body image, HIV activism, issues of public sex, issues of gender, activism against sexual violence.

I hate homonormativity:
This issue will give voice to concerns and personal experiences of queers who face the violence of assimilation from for elements within their own community. Little has changed since Queer Nation first distributed "Queers Everywhere Read This/ I Hate Straights." We want to hear how queers are marginalized and silenced by a social movement obsessed with obtaining middle class respectability.

Good luck with your writing, drawing, etc.!

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