Friday, May 2, 2008

Calls for Submissions!!

One of the few concrete ally lessons I have ever been given is the importance of disseminating information. If you have insider information about a job, let people know. If you know the Dean of a college, introduce your friends to hir. If you know about a call for papers, tell the people whose voices need to be heard! Don't keep this information in circles of privilege. In light of that, here are three amazing opportunities to get written or artistic work out into the blogosphere or the published world of books. Two have deadlines of this weekend so I apologize for not getting these up sooner but I’ve been behind in my blog reading…

The Disability Activist Collective is taking submissions for a rolling blog carnival. Deadline is technically May 4th (although it sounds flexible) and entries from people with disabilities and allies are welcome. The subject is “Disability identity: what do you think?” focusing on “disability identity and culture in all its forms”. The carnival is open to poets, essayists, artists, and vlogers.

The Angry Black Woman has created a blog carnival for allies. Submissions of blog entries are due May 5th and should be written as one ally talking to another ally. “Self-identified allies write to other people like themselves about why this or that oppression and prejudice is wrong. Why they are allies.” Open to all forms of allies.

Finally, found on the Questioning Transphobia blog, a call for papers for the anthology “Feminism For Freaks”! They are seeking academic, non-fiction, and creative written work that “affirm the voices of socially excluded people, that seek to create new and exciting knowledge and address themselves to feminist theory and activism or the wider culture”. An abstract of up to 250 words is due by May 31st.

Good luck with your entries!

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