Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gentle Readers of NYC

This is a very brief post in terms of content because I have many things to do but I’d like to give a shout-out to two blogs and advertise two fabulous events.

First off, my amazing partner’s blog has had a complete overhaul and now is looking more gorgeous than ever. So if you want to read brilliant entries on sexuality, race, art, and the pursuit of beauty as well as looking at her inspiring photographs you should check out her webpage: Amanda Morgan.

Secondly, I recently got a beautiful shout out at my friend Rachel’s blog, so I am now giving her a shout-out here. Rachel and I go waaaay back to the horrifying years of middle-school, and I'm happy to say she's now living close to me. Her blog is Atoms Arranged Meaningwise, which discusses philosophy and feminism among other cultural phenomenons. I don’t always understand some of the posts as it centers on feminist philosophy which is an area of feminism I know nothing about, but I like how her posts remind me of the importance of feminism. I often forget, being surrounded by feminist activists, that feminism still isn’t a given. People still operate from a misogynistic and patriarchal grounding, and her fight against that - especially within academic surroundings! - inspire me. So you should check out her blog which is both academic and very pop-culture-now.

Now, if you are in NYC you should check out the following two events. The first is a play that I saw last Thursday, XY(T). There are two more shows, Saturday the 8th at 7pm and Sunday the 9th at 2:30pm. It's $10 and located at Under St. Mark's which is horrible horrible horribly inaccessible - not only for people with physical disabilities but is also a little difficult to maneuver if you're on the larger size. But the play is worth going to see!

(Image Description: a black and white photo of two white hands. The right hand holds a small bottle of testosterone and the left hand is inserting a syringe into the top of the testosterone bottle)

Kestryl Lowrey, the performer, explores transitioning in all its aspects - physical, mental, emotional, and social. This show would be especially fantastic if you’re someone beginning to transition or thinking of transitioning as it touches on so many of the fears people may have at the beginning of discovering their gender identity. Also, friends and family of someone who has begun to transition might find this play comforting and still challenging.

Finally, in April my partner and some other fierce and fabulous women will be performing at Zami Like Me: Queer Womyn of Color CipHER. The creator, Cleopatra N. LaMothe, is having an open call for submissions to the event. Poetry and prose, art submissions and performance pieces are all welcome. You should e-mail for submission guidelines and other information. As the event approaches I'll post this again so that people can attend.

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